/ ˈek-spə-ˌdī-tər /

Definition: someone who speeds up a process or the completion of a project.

Xpediter for SolidWorks™ will save you time. In only a few clicks you can automate repetitive processes. This will increase your efficiency, eliminate mistakes, and allow you to focus on more creative work.

Each feature follows 4 core principles:

circular-infographic IncreasedProductivity BatchProcessing CADXpediters TimeSavings ReducedErrors

1. Batch processing

Days of manual labor to assign custom properties can be automated and finished in just a fraction of time.

2. Reduced errors

We can guarantee that something like renaming of parts is done flawlessly on 5 or 500 parts

3. Increased productivity

Using macros to automate repetitive task of printing numerous parts of an assembly with a single click.

4. Time Savings

Allows engineers to focus on creative work by eliminating manual repetitive tasks such as bar coding of the parts

circular-infographic IncreasedProductivity BatchProcessing CADXpediters TimeSavings ReducedErrors

Agile CAD

Xpediter for SolidWorks™ is a software which automates a set of tasks through batch processing based on our proprietary Agile CAD methodology:

  • Automate processes
  • Grow efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Limit errors
  • Eliminate redundancy

Reduce number of needed clicks (process time)


Minimize errors


Improve efficiency and reduce costs

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Who are we?

CAD Xpediters is a group of experienced, multidisciplinary mechanical engineers, highly proficient in computer programming. By witnessing first hand, how certain process in renowned CAD software can be (unnecessarily) repetitive and time consuming, we have decided to help… by offering a smarter solution! At this time, we offer Xpediter for SolidWorks™ only, but in the future we will support other popular CAD platforms as well.

Key Personell

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Đorđe is a software engineer by trade, currently working on his PhD at a prestigious university in Switzerland. Developed several custom software solutions and working as a technical consultant for successful IT start ups. In his free time he is globetrotting, so you can easily run into him in Far East or plains of Latin America.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Stefan is a mechanical engineer by trade, uniquely experienced in applied software solutions in automotive, machine building and electronics industries. In his free time Stefan likes to play drums to keep rhythm in personal and professional life.