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Xpediter for SolidWorks™ is a Windows 10 application which will run on every Windows 10 desktop machine that runs SolidWorks™

Xpediter for SolidWorks™ runs on Windows 10. In order to use Xpediter for SolidWorks™, you have to have installed SolidWorks™ 2016 or newer.

SolidWorks™ 2016 or newer.

Every update of Xpediter for SolidWorks™ will be distributed to all installed instances. Update is done automatically as soon as Xpediter for SolidWorks™ is started. Internet connection is required. Applying the update is also required.

In order to manage licenses account owner needs to log in and go to the License Manager (Manage Licenses from website menu). They will be presented with a dashboard which allows them to easily manage licenses. From there account owner can change the number of licenses and terminate the subscription.

OTCA reserves the right to “No return, no refund” policy. At any time, the account owner can change the number of active subscriptions or terminate subscription as a whole. However, we offer no returns and no refunds to the subscriptions paid for a given month.

SolidWorks™ has known issues with memory handling. If your assembly is large, in case of a crash of SolidWorks™, Xpediter for SolidWorks™ takes no liability. With enabled option to track RAM usage of Xpediter for SolidWorks™ and SolidWorks, one can see memory usage and prevent SolidWorks™ crash by splitting the work into several parts. Feel free to contact us with specific questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible with our analysis of the issue.

Trial license is issued for 15 days. You will get a fully working instance of Xpediter for SolidWorks™. After 15 days have expired, you will not be able to use Xpediter for SolidWorks™ unless you purchase a license. Applying for multiple Trial licenses using different emails is not allowed and will be prevented.

All payment handling is performed via PayPal. At your PayPal account, you can track each subscription payment and request an invoice. In addition to PayPal invoice generation, we offer a creation of custom invoice at our website. In your dashboard, click “Create Invoice” and download invoice which includes current collection of active subscriptions and the total amount of money charged.

By agreeing to our
, you agreed to share Xpediter for SolidWorks™ telemetry with us.

We do not collect any project nor personal sensitive data. We will not share our collected data with third parties. The data we collect is used solely for improving Xpediter for SolidWorks™ user experience.

We collect 3 types of data:

  • License metrics: for checking the activity of a given license and validity of user
  • Macro Usage metrics: number of times given macros were being used
  • Program Usage metrics: in case of application crash, we collect the stack trace of the last active method and forward it to our server for detailed analysis.

At any point, you are encouraged to submit feedback to us using the “Feedback” button at the top of the application.

We do not collect project nor personal sensitive information. Xpediter for SolidWorks™ telemetry that we are collecting is used solely for improving the user experience. We will not share collected data with third parties.

Please send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.